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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 15, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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five people are shot at a bus stop in the district and tonight, the search is on for the gunman. i'm craig melvin. the shooting happened just after 6:00 tonight in northeast d.c. the victims all teenagers or young 41n th00 4100 block ofinnetaso avenue. darcy spencer joins us live tonight from washington. >> craig, police are still searching for the gunman and also looking for a motive in the shooting but believe it was somehow connected to a go-go held earlier this evening. on hayes street in northeast washington, a shooting victim wheeled from a house and taken to the hospital. his clothing inspectednd taken in as evidence. police sources say he was one of at least five victims wounded in a shooting at the bus shelter area of the minnesota avenue metro station in northeast this evening. it's unknown how the victim ended up at the house after being shot. but police say the victims range in age from 16 years old to their early 20s. none of the injuries is
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considered to be life-threatening. police say it appears at least one gunman on foot opened fire on a huge crowd of people at the shelter and say many of the people are believed to have attended a go-go event paradise day and were shot after leaving the party. police worked the scene for hours interviewing victims and witnesses and marked gunshot cangs and other evidence and wheeled away this bike believed to be somehow connected to the shooting. police are still investigating this case. they're saying there were at least five victims. they're trying to figure out if there were possibly more and trying to figure out if there was more than one gunman. reporting live from northeast, darcy expenser. >> thank you. meanwhile in, prince georges county the search is on for a suspect to fired at anff o duty liigh h o high s uceflrip police set peret perimeterronuvn li hey o aff sayhe off dutyisin hic vleeh wtt ineis h vehicle when thed.refi
11:03 pm oehit. d hehit. did he tell police the shooting might be the result of a dispute with a family member. a potomac river outcame to an abrupt stop after a boat ran aground on to rocks. four people were on board the vessel and misjudged how shallow the water is in that area. the fire department sent two rescue boats toe help dislodge the boat and escort it back to shore. fortunately, no one was hurt. virginia senator jim webb won the release of an american prisoner held in myanmar today. john yettaw was recently sentenced to seven years in prison and secretly swam to e t home ofocem dcyem leader aung san suu kyi. webb also met with her and she was sentenced to 18 more months for allowing yettaw to stay with her. the girltd government has detained the leader for 14 years.
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president barack obama was on the road for a second straight day pushing his health care plan out west. the president continued to answer critics. tonight at a town hall in colorado, brian mooar has that story. >> at a town hall meeting in colorado, president obama offered up a dose of reality in the health care reform debate. >> there is no perfect painless silver bullet out there. >> and he asked his critics to do the same. >> the only thing i want to make sure of though su make an honest argument because nobody's talking about government takeover of health care. >> reporter: it was another in a series of events that look a lot like his lakz campaign but reform opponents are running a pretty good campaign of their own. >> thank you all very much for welcome to the rumble. >> democrats have been on the defensive all week. >> it's my opinion what we're seeing right now is the intentional systemic dismantling of the american republic and it
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scares me to death. >> reporter: republicans say it's righteous indignation. >> there is nothing un-american about disagreements. in fact, our great nation was founded on speaking our minds. >> reporter: the president will continue his campaign meanwhile trying to convince americans that health care reform isn't about politics. brian mooar, news4. obama reiterate that had his plan, his health care plan would not create those so-called death panels to deny care to frail seniors. he took time out of his push for health care reform to do some sight seeing with his family. the president and first lady along with the daughters sasha and malia there toured yellowstone national park today and walked among the hot springs and geysers and watched old faithful erupt. tomorrow slated to visit the grand canyon and yesterday did whitewater rafting in month month. michael phelps is still nursing a sore ankle after a car crash this week. will that affect his training?
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plus, lis are releasing new images hope to catch their biggest jewel thieves ever and back to school for thousands of college students in our ea. some schools are implementing new high tech safety measures. chuck, how is the sunday forecast? >> looking very, very good. the qution is, when are we ever going to get any rain around here? coming up in the forecast straight ahead. >> chuck, coming up in sports, the nats offer a contract to stephen straussberg. it's tiger time, tiger woods playing the 15th major of his career. plus, michael vick makes hisk
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7,000 firefighters continue battling nearly a dozen blaze across california tonight. one of the largest is in scenic santa cruz county just south of san francisco. the blaze is raging in steep remote canyons just miles away from 1,00 homes and buildings. governor arnold schwarzenegger is urging residents in the affected areas to obey the mandatory evacuation orders. the thieves behind one of itain's largest jewel heist visited the scene before the robbery. they released video showing them outside you afiaf dsmonds on august 4th. they might have been planning to rob the store that day. two days later, they made off with jewels worth more than $65 million. he is still nursing a sore ankle from thursday's car accident but
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michael phelps says he still plans to resume training monday. police say he was not at fault in the accident. the driver of the other car was ticketed for running a red light and a message posted on his facebook page, phelps says his ankle hurts but that the injury will not keep him from training. starting today, you'll have to provide more personal information before taking to the skies. u.s. airlines are now asking travelers new questions to confirm their identities. you'll have to give your gender and date of birth when you book a flight aimed at preveing misidentification of people on terrorist watch lists also to better weed out folks who pose a legitimate threat tone aliir safety. well, somli astute bargain seekers locked up an incredible vacation deal,ng booki a a tel in venice forta roeuent. 5,000 people booked roomsrohe ts crowne plaza at that incredible price. ros pem ithe deal turned out to be a bigem sereweder u.
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the hel mntea to offer a twt o-ghnistay at half s. omroom usually cost 214 buck s nit. still it the hotelola tns t honor the reservations and that could cost them about $129,000. still ahead tonight, as students head back to class, some local colleges are using some new technology to keep them safe and secure. we'll tell you about that and chuck's going to tells if the
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to mexico now where 19 people are dead after a prison riot between rival prison gangs.
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many of the inmates are in jail on drug charges. onlookers to see smoke rising from the facility just as you see there. no officers were hurt. it is move-in day at some universities and colleges in our area. there's a new high tech system to keep students safe once they settle in. howard university is starting a new cell phone based security program. it has a panic button feature and a timer function that can alert people if the user is not at a preset location at a time. american university has a similar program. some artists are doing it big in northeast, real big. 100 of them are painting a massive mural in the edgewood neighborhood. there it is. when they're done, it's going to be larger than a football field. artists of all ages and varying talents were invited to pitch in today. if you'd like to have a look, check it out next time you're at taking the red line. that looks prettyool. >> paint dried pretty quickly. another hot one. >> it was a scorcher today for a
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lot of the folks. a lot of people don't like it when the temperatures get close to 90 degrees. if you don't like the hot weather, you've got time to book the flight to get out of here. a warming trend coming our way as we head towards tomorrow. a couple more 90 degree days in a row as we get started for the work and school week for a lot of the kids. outside right now, a beautiful clear sky over washington. there's a live look at the washington monument. sitting quietly on the national mall right now under the mostly clear sky. a beautiful night outside. a warm day. high made it up to 89 degrees after a 72 degree start this morning. it has been dry around here. august rainfall total less than .8 inch for the month of july, our fifth driest july on record, barely over an inch. combined that's only 1.86 inches since jy 1st. 65% below average. so yeah, if your grass has stopped growing a couple weeks ago, that's a big part of the
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reason why. temperatures right now, 78 here at nbc4 in northwest washington, 68 degrees in at andrews air force base, 77 degrees at dulles airport, 73 in frederick, maryland it, 74 in beautiful southern maryland. oh what, a nice day we had outside today. look at the clear skies extending from the mid-atlantic and pennsylvania all the way out into the ohio valley. did have a few lonely showers in the mountains of west virginia today and that will be repeated again tomorrow. just lonely little showers at the most. clearing skies could lead to more patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning much like we had today. as that area of high pressure moves ', southwesterly flow starts to come in. as a result, a warming trend around here. our longest stretch of 90 degree days is only three in a row. we may have three in a row or four before the week is done. after a very quiet start to the
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tropic season, that is tropical storm ana right there. on her heels, that is now trical storm bill showing signs of intensification. it is a long, long ways away. how far away? 3300 miles southeast of washington, d.c. so this thing's a long way out into the ocean. the expected track on it though does need to be watched here over the next couple of days and could make a run at the eastern part of the caribbean in a four or five-daytime spann span. it will need to be watched because it could strengthen into a hurricane over the next couple of days. we'll have to watch very careful for that. clear skies and quiet leading to a little bit of fog first thing in the morning. tomorrow, bright and sunny for most of us all day long. fair weather cumulus clouds will be a repeat performance of those coming up for tomorrow. tomorrow's high temperature back up into the 90s once again. so when you wake up in the
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morning, generally clear skies. sun's up at 6:23 tomorrow morning. 72 in town and by the bay. once those clear skies get the sunshine mixed in, the clouds will bubble up once again, it will be warmer than it was today. highs into the low 90s. don't forget your sun bloc. the uv index is at an 8 and that puts it in the very high range. ecouor fast for the next couple of ysor, 91 tomorrow, 93 monday, 92 tuesday. 90 on wednesday. that would be four days in a row. 90 or better. that would be our longest stretch of the summer. slight chance of a shower on wednesday. better rain chances as we head toward the end of the week, friday, saturday time frame. plenty of heat and humidity for everybody. back to school, that is statistically i think the hottest week of the year. you put kids on the bus and it will be 100 degrees. >> all things considered and today's humidity notwithstanding,t seems like
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it's been a fairly mild summer. >> no doubt about it. half the average number of 90 degree ys. >> chuck bell thanks so much. in sports, we're talking nats will spend time talking about the drama surrounding their number one pick and the
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they said hakeem, we're going to offer you $14 million. doesn't matter where the station is. >> seld stay here. >> he couldn't pack fast enough, right? >> i can't athens question. because i'm contractually obligated. hey, i can -- >> packing with you. >> i c't answer that question. i'm sorry. >> straussberg not going to take it, huh. >> it's not a done deal yet. just relax. the nationals have offered number one overall draft pick stephen straussberg a record-setting contract. yet, team president stan caston says there's a very real possibility he won't sign. huh? nats all-star ryan zimmerman thinking the same thing "when it comes down to it, he has to think can i go to bed if i turn down 15, $16 million?" ? the nats have ripped the reds in
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cincinnati. top two, no score is where we start. adam dunn facing johnniquette toe on the mounds here. adam dunn, get her done. sent a shot to left just over the wall for a home run. dunn's 31st homer of the season, the first against the reds. nats take a 1-0 lead. nats cruising along up 3-0. johnny facing alberto gonzales with the bases loaded. gonzales rips one past the third base bag into the left field corner. ryan zimmerman, josh willingham and elija dukes come around to score. a bases clearing double for gonzales. in the fourth inning, fmer nat pitcher kip wells on the mound. dukes up with the bases full. he ropes one to right. nyjer morgan, ronnie bell yard and adam dunn come on down. duke hustling around the bases in with a triple they built a nine-run lead and would hold on to win it, 10-6
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the final. the orioles lose to the angels 5-1. the pga championship isn't officially over but it's over when tiger woods has the lead after 54 who else at a major, he's 14-0. woods has a two-shot lead over padraig harrington who will probably need more than a little luck of the irish to upset a guy who doesn't lose on sundays. >> it is quite a rush especially when there's a major championship involved, and you know, if you're in that position, you know you're not playing poorly, and you know, it's fun to go out there and test what you have you and you know, other guys are throwing it at you and then you know, hopefully i can throw back at them. it's fun. you know, that's, as i said, that's the rush of it is to try and go out there and deal with it and executed. >> tiger woods going for his 15th major tomorrow. he's unbeatable. >> be sporting the red. >> he'll be wearing the red and
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will probably win. he tees off tomorrow at 1:45. just how divided fans are about the eagles signing of michael vick. some are ordering his official jersey while others are logging for t-shirts that read hide your beagle vixen eagle. today, he made his practice debut. and there he is, michael vick wearing number 7. standing next to donovan mcnabb. the eagles walked through practice this morning. in the afternoon session, he worked out as number the number three qb. eligible to play in the eagles final two preseason games. d.c. united on the road in toronto this afternoon play ing ina conference showdown. here's how it went down. d.c. united their fans always in full force. 30th minute, toronto fc in red. on the attack, check out dwayne defer using his noggin. josh wicks is frozen. toronto up 1-nil. second half, off the corner
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kick, the pass back to white and white rips it into the back of let's go to germantown, maryland. the washington freedom hosting the sky blue. second half. freedom down 1-nil. freedom in black. check out abby wambach. collide into the keeper. it's free for lisa. we're all tied at one just like that. late in the second half, still tied at one. unfortunately eliminated from the playoffs. good season for the ladies of the washington freedom. >> and a week from today, redskins preseason. >> against the steelers and you know what? they hope to have a little better luck than last time. 23-0 loss, what are you going to
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do? anywhere -- it's going to only get better hopefully. >> right here on nbc4. >> only going to give up 400 yards. >> outside it's going to be a great day tomorrow. make your plans. it's going to be a good day to be outside. if you've got a friend with a boat, call them immediately. sunshine tomorrow. temperatures up near 90. going to be up near 90 for most of the next four days. not much of a chance of rain though. our dry summer goes on. >> sda
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